Welcome to BECH - RUSA 2.0

The Bharathidasan University Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Career Hub (BECH) was instituted since July 2019 under RUSA- Phase 2.0. As an off shoot of the Central Government initiation, Bharathidasan University is one among the seven Universities in Tamil Nadu to have the privilege of implementing the program. The motive central to BECH is to inculcate the dynamics of innovative entrepreneurial dynamics in the academic curriculum and research at the higher education level. Essentially the program intends to prepare students, the main stakeholders, to map out their future career with professionalism. Nurturing and kindling entrepreneurial skills inherent among students will have far fetching impact of job creation leading to economic development. BECH proposes to provide a scientific platform for students to exhibit their creativity, originality, new ideas, entrepreneurship and projects, get professional training and implement them with proper guidance.

What's New

  • Seed Money Start-ups through incubation for the Students, Research Scholars and Post Doctorol Fellows(PDFs)

  • Project Proposals for Research Grant/ Seed Money for the First Year Post Graduate Students.